Kozy Pillow……”Like a Warm Hug on a Cold Night”

Relief for Computer Neck

Too many hours staring down at a computer or phone can strain neck and shoulder muscles, causing tension, decreased mobility and discomfort.

Soothes Cramps & Muscle Aches

Swollen, achy joints? Sore muscles? Debilitating cramps? Experience immediate relief with Kozy Pillow!

Warms Cold Hands & Feet

Chilly fingers? A couple of minutes in the microwave, and hands and feet are bathed in penetrating warmth.

Kozy Pillow……”Like a Warm Hug on a Cold Night”

The concept for Kozy Pillow originated many years ago with the early settlers. As the travelers circled their wagon trains to make camp for evening, the night chill would set in. After the horses were fed, a portion of dried feed corn was set aside. The travelers would then heat the dried corn in burlap sacks on the rocks surrounding the campfire, and stuff it into their bed rolls to warm them during the cold nights.

Based on this concept, I began crafting these pillows for gifts during the holidays. It was like sending a “hug” to loved ones far away. The recipients of these comforting gifts loved them and repeatedly asked to purchase additional Kozy Pillows.

Upon relocating to North Idaho, from a more temperate Seattle, we realized how necessary these Kozy Pillows really were to fight the bitter cold of the North country. Unlike microwave heating pads that are filled with rice, flax or husks, Kozy Pillow produces a soothing, moist, penetrating heat that brings immediate comfort. Electric heating pads can be dangerous and have been known to catch fire. Kozy Pillow is completely safe to fall asleep with. When tucked under the covers, your Kozy Pillow will stay warm for several hours.

Through the years, we have developed processes to clean and sterilize the dried corn prior to crafting the pillows. That’s important when working with an agricultural product. We source only the cleanest corn from America.

The moist, penetrating, therapeutic heat from Kozy Pillow can bring comfort & relief for

  • arthritis
  • sore muscles
  • cramps
  • achy joints
  • "computer neck”
  • chills
  • cold hands and feet

*Kozy Pillow is not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any condition, disease or illness.

Two Options

You can choose the standard Kozy Pillow or the body conforming Kozy Neck Pillow.



I can't say enough about the Kozy Pillow! I have one at work and several at home. At work, it's great to tuck behind my lower back to ease away workday stress. At night, it's great to ease post workout soreness or just to help loosed up stiff achy muscles. Oh and my wife and I love to "pre-heat" the bed with Kozy Pillows! No cords or electricity to worry about! Just safe, warm heat....


Don Lynn

Insurance Agent

I LOOOOOOVEEEEE KOZY PILLOWS! I have one and bought some as xmas presents last year! Great for cramps tummy aches hurting bodies and cold nights!

Brittany Mills

Early Childhood education

I just had my Kozy Pillow morning treatment, complete with a cup of coffee....ahhhh, the best part of the day!! And WOW, that's my pillow second picture above. If you haven't gotten your Kozy Pillow yet, they are awesome. I even picked up a cold one for those times I need ice...it sure beats a bag of peas!

Cindy Glidden

Sales Rep

If you haven't tried a Kozy Pillow, you are missing out! My grandchildren love the Kozy when they come over to stay with Grandma around the feet, shoulders, they don't care. Just want the Kozy warmed up. I work out 1.5 to 2 hrs. a day, and at times need the Kozy pillow for my aches and pain. Try one, you love it!

Connie Munk

Wellness Coach

“I have been heating up my Kozy every night and put it in bed by my feet! Aaahh...warmth! Everyone I have given as gifts loves them!

Shelly S.

Insurance Agent

Kozy Pillows are AWESOME. My wife sleeps with hers every night. I want to be a Kozy Pillow so my wife will sleep with me again….lol

Carl Riegert


Love my Kozy Pillows! Great for the everyday small aches we sometimes have & great for my teenager too! I'm thinking they'll make some great & affordable Christmas gifts or for any occasion!

Mary Goetz


I use my Kozy everyday...cheaper than turning up the heat!!! Wonderful gifts.

Marna Bateman

Registered Nurse

I love my Kozy Pillow! Will buy more for sure. The kids love to cuddle up with a Kozy more than a stuffed animal. Great for any pain I've got or just a nice and safe way to warm up.

Jen Quigley

Admin Assistant

I received the pillows today and I have already used the cool fish pillow for my tennis elbow. Very nice idea. I plan I purchasing more for gifts. Two of the pillows I am going to send to my mother in law.

Thanks for such prompt service. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

Vicki S.


I gave my daughter one of the Kozy pillows yesterday. She likes it when she is having cramps.”

I love my cozy pillow. When I sit down at night I heat a couple of them, get on my yoga mat, and hug them into whatever feels good. My back loves laying on them. Sometimes, I hug one or lay it on my shoulders or neck while watching t v

Theresa Nadzam

Women’s Ministries

Love the SEAHAWKS one I bought it for my husband!!!!! We might take it to the game and sit on it.....keep warm!

Kyra S.

Restaurant Manager

Hey i need more of these- I love them.

Jill Wright


I not only use these wonderful pillows, all my friends/family get them for gifts. Who doesn't want to feel heat on a cold night? Or cool off without having to use one of those store bought ice packs!!! Great Product. I'm about to order more!!!

Dr. Joyce Knuteson

I looove your Kozy Pillows, by the way. I need to put an order in for Christmas!

Morgan C.


I'm loving my Kozy pillow and use it every night! My neck and shoulder muscles get so tight and it helps me relax and get to sleep.”

Nancy W.

My daughter enjoyed my Kozy pillow so much that she took it home with her

Vicki E.

Social Networking

My husband loves it. Used it in the car (he has had five back surgeries) for our trip to Leavenworth a couple of week-ends ago. It helped a lot.

Marla Ringling

Investment Advisor

I love the Kozy Pillow!

Cindy Brandt

I heat mine up and put it in bed before I get in.....Warm and Cozy!

Using it in few on my very sore foot.

Pam Washburn


There will be a few of these under my tree this year!! Kozy Pillows are sooo awesome!

Trecia Brantz

Website Developer

I am using my Kozy Pillow right now!! I don't know how I ever lived without it!! My Kozy pillow goes everywhere I go! Last night I used two of them!! One to keep my feet warm and the other for my tummy! They are also good for the little kiddos when they have tummy aches! Everyone should have a Kozy Pillow!

Tracy Quigley

School Admin

I truly am happy with what I got

Cathy C.


They are wonderful! Use mine when we go to the coast in the winter time.

Very nice to cozy up to!

Tedi Roach

Employment Agency Owner, Artist

I have arthritis in my elbow and I used my Kozy Pillow on it last night. It took my pain away! I love it!

Cherry Jones


Kozy pillows are awesome, I have had mine for 5 years now and it still works great!

Jason Quigley

Retail Manager

I do have a plan for my Kozy Pillows, I am going to give them out first. I am going to have all the kids sit in front of me and then tell them the story of the pillows.

Lynda Thurman

Retired Fire Fighter

We love our Kozy Pillows! My teenage daughter and I used to fight over them, so I had to get one for everyone in our family.

Jody Barrett

Office Supply Sales

I have several! Great to take to winter activities!

Shelly T

Bath & Body company

I love my pillows! I have about 6 of them. I use them to keep my feet warm in bed at night, on my neck when its sore and I have given them to all my family members too. The smell of the warm corn is wonderful!

Kriss Mitchell

Mental Health Therapist

Thanks so much for your KOZY PILLOW I love it! Now that the cooler weather is here I get so chilled easily and I just heat up the pillow and snuggle it up! LOVE IT!

Grace M.

Medical Sales Manager