The concept for Kozy Pillow originated many years ago. It was during the time when the early settlers were heading across country by way of wagon train. In the evening, as they circled for night, the travelers would heat the dried feed corn that fed the horses and livestock, on the rocks surrounding the campfire. They would then put the heated corn in burlap sacks and stuff it into the foot of their bed rolls to warm them during the bitter cold nights.

In 1983, I was living in Seattle and looking for a way to send a “ warm hug” to friends and family that lived far away. I began handcrafting these pillows filled with warmth and love for special gifts.

Recipients loved them so much that they would frequently ask if they could purchase additional pillows.

Fast Forward 25 years, and Kozy Pillow is enjoyed all over the USA. We have taken this therapeutic heat source to a whole new level with modern equipment to clean and sterilize the corn filler. (Because this is an agricultural product, it’s important to clean and sterilize it to a pristine condition prior to use.)

Then, our professional team of seamstresses hand crafts each Kozy Pillow right here in North Idaho.

Today, we simply heat them in the microwave for a couple of minutes to experience the “ahhhhhhhh” factor!

When heated in the microwave, your Kozy Pillow produces a moist, therapeutic, penetrating heat that is not present in other pillows that are filled with rice, flax, husks, pits or beans. The weight of the corn also adds to the comfort and effectiveness of your Kozy Pillow microwave heating pad.

We recommend using your Kozy Pillow to:

  • Warm chilly hands and feet
  • Pre-heat a cold bed
  • Release tight muscles
  • Relax “computer neck”
  • Comfort achy joints
  • Relieve cramps
  • Soothe back pain
  • and much more...